Basement Insulation in Mississauga

One of the things we often don’t think about when renovating our homes is adding basement insulation in New York. If you’ve never added insulation to your home or have focused on the above-grade parts in the past, adding insulation to your basement can also make a huge difference to your indoor comfort – especially with winter upon us.

Do Basement Walls Need Basement Insulation in New York?

Regardless of the age of your home, basements are always at a disadvantage when it comes to energy efficiency. They’re usually mostly below grade, and that brings with it a natural coolness that is amplified during the winter months. Basement walls can benefit a great deal from added insulation, which will help to keep your warm air in and make for a more regulated indoor environment. Adding basement insulation in New York does a few important things for your home. It:

  • helps to minimize thermal bridging (when hot or cold temperatures travel between heated and unheated spaces) and reduces the amount of heat lost through your foundation.
  • provides protection against moisture.
  • helps to protect the damp-proof coating applied to many basement walls.
  • aids in reducing potential condensation on surfaces in your basement.
  • can be installed on the interior or exterior.
  • brings your basement into the air-conditioned part of your home, which helps to reduce temperature differences.
  • protects against insect infestation.

Why Add Insulation to Your Walls?

The obvious places to insulate in your home are the attic and exterior walls – it’s where the bulk of our business comes from, and it’s a smart place for homeowners to focus their attention on when making improvements to their home. But the basement is often overlooked when it is actually one of the key places we should all be thinking about insulating. Some of the top reasons our customers say they were interested in adding basement insulation are:
It increases their livable area: The obvious benefit to adding insulation to the basement is that it makes it a more welcoming environment. Planning on making a rental suite or need a new playroom? The basement in many homes is underutilized because it’s drafty and cold, but new insulation can help make it a comfortable and welcoming space.

It helps keep their home in good repair: The extreme temperature changes that we experience in New York over the course of a year take a toll on our homes, as things expand and contract and weather is wet, dry, hot, humid, cold, and more! Adding basement insulation in New York can help to protect your home from the problems that come along with temperature changes and weather, leading to fewer repairs and maintenance calls.

It saves them money: Most importantly, the major benefit of installing basement insulation in New York is increasing your energy efficiency. Better energy efficiency reduces your need to constantly run your furnace, saving you money and helping the environment.

It helps to reduce air leaks: Especially with older homes, cracks and gaps in walls, roofs, or foundations can cause conditioned air to leak out of your home. One problem area in many old homes is the header, where the walls of your home meet your foundation, and proper air sealing and insulation of the header can result in a dramatic temperature shift indoors.

What is the Best Insulation to Use in a Basement?

When it comes to insulating the basement, you can go one of two routes – you can insulate the exterior or interior basement wall. For most of our customers, the time, expense, and upheaval of exterior insulation is both out of their budget and not their preference. At Solve, our ideal type of basement insulation in New York is an interior coating of spray foam, which excels at providing great thermal coverage and can be done with minimal fuss. Regardless of the age of your home, spray foam is the ideal material for basement insulation because it easily provides continuous coverage, as well as other significant advantages, such as:

  • Acts as an air and vapor barrier
  • Provides excellent sound dampening
  • It doesn’t get wet, making it extra resistant to mold and mildew growth

To get the best out of your insulation product, coverage must be continuous, and problems like air and moisture leakage need to be dealt with before installation. At Solve, a comprehensive assessment is a key part of any insulation project, so that problems like cracks or gaps can be dealt with before insulation even touches your walls. Our team’s professionalism and experience mean that you never have to worry about anything less than thorough and complete workmanship.

Spray Foam Insulation is the Best Choice

One of the tricks to getting the most out of any home product or renovation is having it done right, and this is particularly important when installing spray foam. Spray foam insulation is definitely a product that benefits from a professional installation – it is applied as a liquid that foams on contact with your walls, spreading and hardening into a blanket of insulation. At Solve, our experience over the last decade in installing spray foam in residential settings has resulted in confident, professional teams that have the tools and knowledge to install spray foam right the first time. Unlike other types of insulation that are often chosen for basement insulation in New York, we believe spray foam is the best option because it provides an all-in-one product, protecting your home and investment against water, mold, and other problems other types of insulation are weak against. And finally (since we’re all on a budget), spray foam is one of the most cost-effective insulation materials on the market in the long term – while the initial upfront investment is higher than other types of insulation, the results are immediately experienced, resulting in better energy efficiency and lower monthly heating and cooling bills.

Improving the Basement Affects the Whole Home

When it comes to home improvements, skip the guesswork and get in touch with us at Solve to learn more about insulating your home’s basement. Our team of home insulation experts will be happy to tell you more about the benefits of insulating your basement and walk you through our process so that you feel confident about making the best choice for your home.