Energy Efficiency Home Upgrades

If you’re thinking about adding upgrades for a more energy-efficient home, now is the season! As winter starts knocking at your door, the Solve Insulation team has four tips that can help you achieve greater indoor comfort this year.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Tools like Nest, Ecobee, or Lyric are a great way to achieve greater control over your home’s heating and cooling (HVAC) system. These tools learn your habits – what time you get up, when you leave for work or when you return home – and adjust the temperature of your home to match, allowing your furnace to run only when you need it most. Many of these tools offer other features that make them one of the top upgrades for a more energy-efficient home. Here’s our next upgrade tip.

The Wi-Fi Home

Modern homes are increasingly connected to the internet in a multiplicity of ways, with fridges, lights, security systems, doors, or windows connected and controlled through internet-based applications available on smartphones. Besides a fridge that warns you when you’re running low on milk, having control through your smartphone can allow you to make adjustments when you’re running late or are away for an extended period of time.

Go Green with your lighting

One of the easiest upgrades for a more energy-efficient home is to change old compact fluorescent light bulbs to modern LED bulbs. While often more expensive up front, LED lights consume less electricity, have increased durability, a longer lifespan, and don’t contain hazardous materials like mercury.

Insulate with Spray Foam Insulation

Finally, we suggest one of the best upgrades for a more energy-efficient home is spray foam insulation. We wouldn’t suggest it if it wasn’t true! Re-insulating your home can have one of the biggest cumulative effects on your energy bill and home efficiency when compared to other upgrades. At Solve, we recommend and install spray foam insulation because it offers the best value when it comes to insulating your home.

An energy-efficient home is possible to achieve

Achieving greater efficiency in your home may seem impossible – it’s too full of air leaks, gaps in the building envelope, and all the warm air is escaping through the attic. However, you always have the choice to invest in energy-efficient upgrades and educate yourself on the latest energy-efficient trends. A leaky home means you have to run your furnace twice as long and hard to keep up with your thermostat. Not only does this expand your energy bill, but over time, wear and tear on your HVAC system will start to affect its performance. When spray foam insulation is installed, it expands to fit the unique shape of your home, filling in and sealing those cracks and gaps. It doesn’t deteriorate and is the perfect solution for spaces like the attic or basement.

Solve Contractors are the go-to choice for spray foam insulation in New York Area

When looking to add upgrades for a more energy-efficient home, the best thing you can do is contact a professional for assistance. The Solve Insulation team can offer practical suggestions and advice for how to best add or upgrade spray foam insulation to improve your comfort this winter. Call us at 646 809 1007 or 917 900 1155 for more information about improving the energy efficiency of your home this season.