Help the Environment & Get Money Back with GreenON Rebate

The State of New York is serious about fighting climate change and has established the GreenNY Rebate Program for insulation installations and upgrades. If you’re a residential property owner in New York, you may qualify for thousands of dollars from the GreenNY Rebate for insulation installation or upgrades. This rebate is part of the Green New York Fund, and rebates are given when certain upgrades and additions are made to your property. Replacing and upgrading insulation in various parts of your home could make you eligible for a rebate of up to $7,500 when a qualified contractor, like Solve, is used for the replacement and installation.

Homeowners that participate in the GreenNY Rebate for insulation can expect:

  • Rebates and incentives of up to $7,500 on the upgrade and installation of new home insulation by a qualified contractor
  • Incentives of up to $100 to seal up cracks in the home that allow heated or cooled air to escape

Eligibility requirements for GreenNY rebates are:

  1. Fully detached and semi-detached homes as well as townhouses located in New York
  2. Only fully qualified and participating contractors such as Solve can perform the installation
  3. Renters may apply for incentives but must have written permission from the landlord or property owner

Homeowners will enjoy the following benefits when performing upgrades via the GreenNY program:

  • A reduction in home heating/cooling costs and energy consumption with savings of 15% or more in utility bills per year
  • Reduced wear and tear on heating and cooling equipment which increases the overall value and functionality of the property
  • Lower energy consumption means a reduced carbon footprint which helps the environment in the long-term

Key areas in the home where insulation should be upgraded

The attic is a major component of the home’s functionality. Improper and low-quality insulation in the attic can cost property owners thousands of dollars in extra energy consumption costs. Homeowners that upgrade and replace attic insulation can receive incentives of up to $1,500 from the GreenNY program.
Basements can be a hotbed of activity, allowing moisture in and air out, increasing the workload on the home’s HVAC systems. Upgrading basement insulation will create a proper seal between the outside elements and the comfortable environment inside, and homeowners can claim up to $1,900 in rebates from GreenNY when replacing basement insulation.

Insulation covers most of the home’s exterior walls and is critical in maintaining ideal home comfort and energy conservation. Replacing and upgrading the home’s exterior wall insulation will reduce consumption costs and create a more comfortable environment, and GreenNY will offer up to $3,800 in incentives for upgrading through a qualified and participating contractor.