Home Insulation in New York– 5 Tips Homeowners Should Know

As a homeowner, all you want is a cozier living space for you and your family. Sometimes it might get a bit annoying dealing with home renovations and fixes as they seem to never come to an end. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that hard, especially if you get some advice from experienced ones. While you can deal with the others by yourself, we are glad to help you with the home insulation in New York.

Home insulation in New York has three main intentions:

  • To lower the energy consumption for the same tasks, without interfering in the quality of living.
  • To reduce the Carbon Footprint and lower the negative environmental impact of constantly growing energy use.
  • To upgrade the living and storage spaces of Ontarians under the leverage of best practices like home insulation.

5 Important Tips for Home Insulation in New York

  1.     Hire an Experienced Insulation Crew
  2.     Fully Insulate your Living & Storage Space
  3.     Take Advantage of Insulation Rebates in New York
  4.     Maintain your Home Insulation System
  5.     Pick the right Insulation Method

Hire an Experienced Insulation Crew

The best piece of advice we can give to Ontarian homeowners is to choose only professional insulation crews. From the consultation to the execution stage, Home insulation in New York is best to be left to the pros.

Safety protocol (set by the New York Building Code), required protective gear (supplied-air respirators, safety goggles, long-sleeve coveralls, chemical resistant gloves), and the step-by-step installation process are only some of home insulation best practices every insulation crew must keep in mind throughout the entire process.

Lack of experience and information can lead to incidents that can corrupt the entire insulation system. For as long as you contract an experienced insulation company in New York to deal with your home insulation and renovations, you should be okay.

Fully Insulate your Living & Storage Space

In the world of insulation, there is a professional term named continuous insulation. Simply put, continuous insulation is the process of insulating your home from the basement to the attic – top to bottom. By insulating your home in this manner, you are sealing all gaps and cracks on your home walls – leaving no room for air leakages which pave the way to heat loss.

In recent years, The New York Building Code is pushing not only commercial but even residential to higher thermal performance practices such as continuous home insulation in New York is.

Insulating 100% of your building structure is particularly required for the provinces with the wildest climate, but it is starting to gain momentum in New York as well.

Take Advantage of Insulation Rebates in New York

There are few initiatives undertaken by giant energy providers and the government with the main intention – to help Ontarian homeowners get closer to energy-efficient practices and gadgets.

Whether be an energy-efficient boiler or furnace, new and improved doors and windows, or home insulation system upgrades – if you meet the criteria set by these New York Rebate Programs, you might receive up to $ 5000 in rebates. Home insulation in New York has never been easier with the help of these rebates. However, not everyone is willing to take advantage of them due to the lengthy assignments and paperwork submission.

New York Rebate Programs in 2021

  • Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)
  • Home Efficiency Rebate (HER)
  • GreenON Window Rebate
  • CMHC Green Home Rebates

Maintain your Home Insulation System

After the first 5 up to 10 years from the day you have installed your insulation system, you can do some homework and pay attention to the perimeter of your insulation. Once in a couple of months, you can check for visible damages as those are the ones you can catch on time and avoid a pre-deterioration of your valuable insulation system. The maintenance process is as important as the installation itself.

Cellulose and fiberglass tend to deteriorate, sag or settle within the first two decades of their lifecycle. It would be in your best interest as a homeowner to maintain the insulation system, therefore increasing its lifespan.

To avoid frustration, just pick the right insulation method in the first place. You can’t miss it with Spray Foam.

Pick the right Insulation Method

The marketplace of home insulation in New York is overwhelmed with professional insulation crews and quality insulation materials for working, living, and storage spaces of all calibers. Therefore, the Ontarian homeowner is privileged with the right of choosing the best insulation method and materials that meet their home requirements at the lowest cost. However, some insulation materials are highlighted by the others for their higher sustainability and the comfort they deliver to the homeowner.

Here at Solve Insulation Company, we manage to successfully support our clients with all types of insulation methods. If you are wondering which is the best method for home insulation in New York, the answer is Spray Foam.

Spray Foam insulation cost might probably be the only reason keeping this material from fully dominating the insulation marketplace. Yes, insulating your home with spray foam is relatively more expensive when compared with other insulation methods, but the material’s properties feature the most valuable rewards.

Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

  • Delivers the highest R-Value per inch.
  • Does not deteriorate, sag or settle.
  • Has sound absorption properties.
  • Is mold, pests, and rodents’ number 1 enemy.
  • The initial investment will pay for itself throughout the years.
  • Minor to no maintenance is required.

Why Solve?

Solve Insulation Company is proud to be serving the Greater New York Area and the suburban communities since 2008. Whether a minor or major project, we are glad to always help with excellent products and superior installation. From the consultation to the execution stage, our team of professionals will give you an advice or two with the Insulation rebates in New York as well.