Home Insulation is the Key to an Efficient and Healthy Home

Most residential homes utilize a double wall design creating gaps between interior and exterior walls. Insulating these gaps is necessary to control airflow and retain heated or cooled air within the home, and missing or non-functioning insulation material can adversely affect the environment within the property in both summer and winter months. Lack of proper insulation can add to monthly operational costs for the homeowner through increased energy consumption and extended HVAC system usage.

See these trouble signs? You may need home insulation

One of the more critical components of a residential home design is its insulation. Decaying and incorrectly installed (or even missing) insulation can create a laundry list of problems for homeowners, which will directly affect the quality of life within the home and eventually end up costing the homeowner more in energy spending and repairs. The tell-tale signs of an insulation problem are seasonal, and in the winter, any of these factors could mean replacing home insulation is a good idea:

  • Interior walls and flooring that feel cold
  • Higher than normal energy consumption and increased spending on heating
  • Cold or hot patches within the residence that are noticeable
  • Mold development on inside walls

During warmer seasons, the following factors can indicate a critical problem with the home’s insulation:

  • Hot humid air consistently within the home (while the A/C is operational)
  • Increased spending on hydro utilities
  • Lack of noticeable cooling from the A/C unit
  • Mold growth and development located in the basement and other low traffic and dark areas within the home

Examining the home’s insulation elements should be the first step when these types of warning signs appear.

Modern technology brings home insulation to the next level

Not all insulation materials and systems are created equal, and each home insulation project has its own set of unique challenges. A universal R rating for insulation material readily indicates the ability of the material to retain and prevent the movement of heat and heated air. Municipalities have their own minimum R values for building codes, but savvy homeowners should always look for the highest-rated material that is available to maximize efficiency. Some core elements that are common among residential insulation projects are:

  • The installation of an air barrier to prevent interior air from escaping to the outside
  • Detailed filling of gaps and spaces around insulation material that could allow air movement
  • Solutions for thermal bridges along walls which allow heated air to easily escape
  • Installation of polyethylene sheeting which acts as a vapor retarder to minimize and control inside moisture and resulting condensation
  • Spray foam insulation has proven to be the best and most thorough application process for insulation material ensuring complete coverage of the target area.
  • The attic and roof are critical for air control

The natural tendency for heat to rise means that upper areas of the home are the most important to insulate. Fully insulating empty and unfinished areas such as attics would enhance and maintain comfort in the home while reducing monthly energy consumption and costs. Roof systems and attics are mostly angular in nature creating a challenge for fiber type insulation, and homeowners who choose spray foam insulation will see a more thorough and complete coverage of tricky areas. Other areas that would benefit from home insulation are:

  • Crawl spaces which are notorious for small cracks and holes
  • Basements and sub ground areas which could be covered during renovations
  • Main and upper floor interior walls to maintain comfort in frequently used living spaces
  • Cathedral ceiling installations which create empty gaps adding to inefficiency
  • Home foundations which are constantly exposed to outside elements and wear and tear

Owners demand the best home insulation results and Solve is the company that consistently delivers

Each insulation job is different, and every home has its own needs and requirements to maintain comfort and efficiency. The experts at Solve take the time to understand each project and offer the highest tech and efficient solutions to get the job done completely and within budget. Solve’s years of residential experience mean they know what to look for and where to look for it, ensuring the most complete and thorough installation possible. Homeowners can expect a project that is completed on time and within budget as Solve’s main goal is 100 percent customer satisfaction each and every time.