How Does Fireproofing Affect Your Property?

The importance of fireproofing a property is easy to understand. Fireproofing is meant to reduce the spread of flames throughout a building to improve the ability to escape in the event of an emergency. Because of its ability to save lives and reduce injury, fireproofing is mandated for commercial buildings as well as multi-family homes. As you look for a fireproofing company for your property, you may be asking yourself how fireproofing affects your property.

Read on to learn about how fireproofing from Solve protects your property. 

Minimizes Steel Temperature

Steel is a critical metal alloy used in the structure of a wide range of buildings, usually within the frame. When a blaze starts, regulating the temperature of structural steel elements is key to protecting the integrity of your property to keep it standing. Structural steel will maintain its form until 425ºC, after which it will begin to soften. As a fire blazes on and temperatures increase without previous intervention from a fireproofing company, steel will start to quickly lose its structural integrity and risk collapsing by the time it reaches between 600ºC – 650ºC. At Solve, we offer cementitious fireproofing services to protect the structural elements of your property and prevent it from falling.

Prevent Electrical Overheating

Some circuit breakers will be triggered at temperatures as low as 60ºC, but in today’s day and age, electrical power is critical to the operation of even the smallest building. Protecting circuits is essential in high-rise condos, large-scale commercial buildings, and important institutions like hospitals. Fireproofing companies help to protect circuits from reaching temperatures that are too hot, allowing the cables and circuits to be operational for as long as possible during a fire by slowing the burn. Solve, one of the region’s most reputable fireproofing companies, offers a range of high-quality and reliable fireproofing options to suit your property’s needs.


BLEVE or Boiling Liquid Expansion Vapour Explosion is when flammable liquid solutions are exposed to extreme heat and expand into gas to explode. Not only does this send potentially hazardous chemicals into the vicinity, adding more danger to an already burning fire, but it also creates more physical damage and harm. Fireproofing containers help to prevent these explosions by slowing down the rate at which they heat up when exposed to fire or extreme temperatures.

Why Fireproof Your Property?

Finding a reliable fireproofing company for your property is good for more than just meeting regional building standards. Fireproofing allows you to preserve and protect your property from devastating and costly damage. So, in the case of fire, you’ll minimize damage and be more equipped to repair or rebuild. Especially in condos, multi-family homes, or large commercial facilities, fireproofing gives everyone inside more time to escape before flames spread from one room to another, or the structure collapses.

Choosing a Fireproofing Company Near You

Picking the best fireproofing company near you is not something to take lightly. Fireproofing is a cost-effective investment in the future of your property. Solve offers both cementitious fireproofing and intumescent fireproofing using high-quality materials and an expert approach for results you can trust.