How Will Insulation in Mississauga Improve your Home?

Winter is coming – as the days get shorter and colder, ensuring you have insulation in New York is an important way you can make sure your home (and you) stay toasty all season long. If you don’t know whether you have proper insulation or even if your attic is insulated at all, the insulation specialists at Solve Insulation can help you out. Adding insulation in New York is the single most important renovation you can do for your home, bringing you increased comfort, better air circulation, and energy savings. A home is the biggest investment most of us will ever make, and it’s important to ensure that your insulation is up to date and working effectively. If you’ve ever had hot or cold spots or can’t seem to keep your thermostat balanced, insulation may be the solution you need!

Types of Insulation in New York

There are many kinds of insulation available for residential homes – here are just a few of the names or terms you might come across.
Fibreglass batts: This type of insulation is one of the most common – think big, puffy, cotton candy-like slabs. They’re popular because they’re easy and quick to install. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the worst choices for spaces like the attic, which is often full of irregular-shaped spaces. Batts won’t fit flush – and therefore are essentially ineffective.

Cellulose blown-in insulation: When it comes to attic insulation in New York, cellulose is one of our top picks at Solve. This type of insulation is made from ground-up recycled paper, to which boric acid (a natural, safe chemical) is added to help deter pests and add to fire resistance. Because it’s made of small pieces, it fits well in nooks and crannies. Since it’s blown-in, it can be installed quickly with minimal fuss and disruption.

Fibreglass blown-in insulation: Fibreglass can also be used like blown-in cellulose insulation and is a great option for many parts of your home for the same reasons as cellulose – it can easily conform to the shape and size you need.

Spray Foam Insulation: One of the hottest insulation products on the market, spray foam insulation is a great all-in-one insulation product that seals air leaks, keeps out moisture, and provides great sound barrier qualities. Spray foam arrives as a liquid and is literally sprayed onto the walls or ceiling of your home – where it quickly foams up to fill the space. Installing spray foam is one of our specialties at Solve, making us one of the leading contractors offering this service.

Foam Board: This insulation is most easily compared to styrofoam – it is a hard, dense foam sheet that can be cut and placed into places like unvented roofs, underneath flooring, or in exterior or interior wall sheathing. They also work well for basement foundation walls, but again – need to be cut precisely to prevent air or energy leakage.

How Insulation Improves Your Home

Installing new insulation in New York isn’t just about being warm in the winter, though that’s probably one of the first things people notice. Insulation offers year-round benefits for you and your home by helping to prevent heat transfer. In the winter, we obviously want to keep the heat in – but in the summer months, we want the heat to stay out and our air conditioning to stay in. Insulation works towards ensuring your home remains comfortable all year round by keeping that conditioned air where it belongs – inside. This, in turn, helps your furnace and air conditioner to run more efficiently, resulting in fewer maintenance calls and a longer lifespan.

But other than keeping you cozy, what else can new insulation do for you?

It can help reduce hot or cool spots: Many homes have noticeable temperature differences between rooms, floors, or have drafts in unwanted places. Adding insulation can help prevent unwanted airflow between floors, rooms, or walls.
Insulation helps reduce noise: Insulation is also a sound barrier and can help prevent interior and exterior sounds from traveling within your home, making for a quieter environment.

Insulation reduces your environmental impact: Ensuring that our lives are easier on the environment around us is the most important global issue in the 21st century. Insulation can help reduce your impact in a number of ways, such as by choosing cellulose blown-in insulation, for example, which makes use of recycled paper products. A better-insulated home also wastes less electricity since you’ll use less energy to heat and cool your home.

It can help improve your indoor air quality: During an installation with Solve, we’re not just putting new insulation into your home, we’re also checking for airtightness and ventilation, and making adjustments that have positive impacts on the efficacy and longevity of your new insulation. This, in turn, results in higher indoor air quality, which can have huge effects on your health and well-being.

Insulation can help control indoor moisture: Humidity, especially in the summer months, can have a big effect on your indoor comfort and energy efficiency. Insulation is a key part of good indoor moisture control when paired with proper air sealing techniques and can help you maintain a comfortable and balanced indoor environment.

Work with us!

If you’re interested in adding insulation in New York, we’re here to help answer your questions and help you find a lasting solution for your needs. Solve Insulation has been in business in the GTA for a decade, and our mission is to provide affordable insulation solutions that help you reduce your energy needs and improve your indoor comfort. As you can see, adding insulation is more than just lower bills and a cozier home – the benefits of home insulation are wide-ranging and can help you reduce costs on furnace maintenance, reduce noise, and help you breathe fresher air. Our knowledgeable technicians are happy to demystify and explain our different products and services. We’ll help you find the solution that is right for your home and budget.