Insulation for commercial buildings in New York

Insulation is of the utmost importance when it comes to the energy efficiency of a building. By insulating your home, storage space, garage, and your commercial building, you are not only drastically lowering your monthly energy bills, but also increasing the quality of living.

When it comes to commercial insulation companies in New York, we can all agree that the client is privileged to choose among many great insulation crews that manage to deliver quality insulation services for commercial buildings and residential as well. It is up to you as a home or business owner to pick the best insulation company in New York that will handle your building insulation project.

However, unqualified insulation crews can unintentionally make the condition of your building worse than better. Therefore, even you as a client can do the right thing right from the start by choosing a professional insulation company.

How to choose the best insulation company in New York

Trying to find the best insulation company in New York is made so easy with technology in our hands. With just a few clicks, every property owner can find the best and the most qualified insulation contractors in their local area. The main problem is that the market is overcrowded with insulation contractors. Some of them are qualified, and some of them are not.

Keep in mind that an insulation system has to meet the energy efficiency requirements set by the New York Building Code. These requirements are made to keep homeowners safe from bad insulation practices and unstable materials. Every insulation company in New York has to be familiar with it as it features the best Insulation R-Value, materials being used, installation models, and many more key factors that determine an insulation system’s stability.

Even though this legal framework was written decades ago, homeowners still face difficulties when searching for experienced insulation contractors in New York. Unintentionally, and due to the lack of experience and qualification, many insulation crews are not capable of meeting the energy efficiency standards.

1. Experience is king

Qualified contractors know how to do the work and guarantee the resistance and durability of the insulation system. Look for insulation companies that are experienced enough to successfully handle your insulation project. It takes approximately 5 years on-the-job to master a trade, so you can minimize your search by excluding the less experienced companies.

2. Don’t settle for less

An insulation crew seems relatively cheaper than others? Make sure they are experienced enough to complete the job. A properly installed insulation system might cost more but saving in energy bills will compensate the initial investment over time. Moreover, there is no benefit you can take advantage of from a not properly installed insulation system. From the protective gear to hazardous materials disposal and everything in between, it is a professional’s job to handle the project, always complying with the New York Building Code requirements.

3. Choose licensed insulation contractors

Depending on the insulation material, the insulation crew might or might not need an exclusive license to deliver that service. Spray foam insulation, for example, requires specialized licensing. The insulation crew should also be equipped with protective gear. Supplied air respirators, safety goggles, and chemical resistant gloves are only some of the equipment that will protect not only the crew but also guarantee the progress of the installation process.

Best Insulation method for commercial buildings in New York

If you are looking for the best insulation method that offers unbeatable features and qualities, then we here at Solve Insulation recommend using Spray Foam.

Spray Foam or polyurethane foam is a top-quality insulation material that delivers the highest R-Value per inch of thickness, translated to lower energy bills. See, the higher the R-Value of an insulation system is, the more efficient the air barrier will be, paving the way to less to no heat loss at all. Except for being a great gaps and cracks sealer, spray foam insulation has way more benefits to offer. Check them below…

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation for Commercial Buildings in New York

Spray Foam prevents mold from growing into your walls. It also is the number one enemy of pests and rodents. If you have a problem with pests and rodents, you should consider your commercial building insulation as the only solution to keeping the tiny intruders far from the perimeter of your property.

Another reason why Spray Foam is considered one of the best methods of insulation for commercial buildings in New York is its soundproof properties. By applying polyurethane foam directly to the walls of the building, makes the material expand and seal even the smallest gaps and cracks. Thus, the noises coming from outside of the building, and between rooms and levels, are significantly reduced.

Unlike other insulation materials like cellulose or fiberglass, spray foam does not deteriorate with the passing of years. It is expected for cellulose and fiberglass to sag or settle within the first 15 to 25 years, but that does not happen with spray foam. The spray foam insulation cost might be relatively higher when compared with other insulation methods, but rest assured as your initial investment will eventually pay for itself throughout the years through lower energy bills.

Why Solve?

Solve Insulation company is proud to be serving the Greater New York Area and the suburban communities with top-tier insulation services since 2008. Our team of professionals will help you determine a solution that meets your commercial building insulation needs at the best cost-quality ratio.

We are dedicated to helping our clients with their insulation plans, whether it be a small maintenance issue or a top to bottom insulation project. We manage to deliver exceptional insulation services and products for residential, as we do deliver insulation services for commercial buildings in New York as well.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Attic Insulation
  • Insulation Removal
  • Basement Insulation
  • Container Insulation
  • Air Barrier Systems