Insulation Removal in New York

Insulation systems are long-lasting energy-efficient upgrades but like everything, they come to an end. As a homeowner, you would want it to last as many years as possible, and believe us when we say – that is what we want too.

To avoid insulation removal, or postpone the action as much as you possibly can, pick a durable and strong material in the first place. The market of insulation has something to offer to everyone and this is a good thing as homeowners have more choices when it comes to home insulation.

Fiberglass, cellulose, and of course, spray foam, are some of the best materials you can trust for their longevity.

If your old insulation is showing a loss of its properties, which can be manifested in: higher than usual energy bills, a problem with pests and rodents, or mold growing on your home walls – then you should consider insulation removal and replacement as soon as possible.

As with every other matter on earth, when insulation materials consume their cycle of service, there is no reason why you still want to keep it on your home. Its properties would probably be lost a long time ago, and you’re doing nothing but damaging the other part of the house.

Do I need to remove insulation?

If you have one of the below-mentioned problems in your house, you should probably consider insulation removal and replacement with a new one. The more you keep your old contaminated insulation on your home walls, the more you’re damaging the other part of the house, and not saving on energy bills.

+ Monthly energy bills are higher than usual.

+ You are having a problem with pests and rodents.

+ The house is too cold in the winter.

+ You can clearly see the insulation material torn, crushed, separated.

+ A wild animal or extreme weather conditions have damaged a part of the insulation system.

These are the main reasons homeowners come to us with a request for insulation removal. It is in every homeowner’s best interest to remove the old insulation and replace it with a new layer as soon as possible, as the damaged insulation can affect the other parts of the house by pawing the way to damages from water, temperature fluctuations, pests, and rodents.

Insulation Removal – Leave it to the professionals

A professional insulation crew is what you need to remove insulation from the least accessible parts of your house. It is not something we recommend you to do by yourself as there are several processes and equipment needed to successfully complete the insulation removal.

This is not a DIY Project because even for most enthusiasts, dealing with contaminated & mold-infested insulation, or damaged or broken insulation, is risky and time-consuming.

The best thing to do is contact an experienced insulation company with the right gear and equipment to remove and dispose old insulation, always following the protocols and safety procedures set by the New York Building Code.

Here at Solve, we use professional “vacuum” equipment to discard waste through an exterior disposal manner, leaving no debris. Our insulation crews are highly trained to remove insulation and they come equipped with protective gear (safety goggles, chemical resistant gloves, long-sleeve coveralls, and supplied air respirators). We like to be prepared as in some cases, the old insulation might have been fabricated from hazardous materials (like asbestos or vermiculite).

How to avoid insulation removal?

To avoid insulation removal and make sure your insulation system lasts as many years as possible, make an effort and maintain your home insulation system. You can even do it by yourself and the results will be reflected throughout the years.

After the first 10 to 15 years, insulation materials such as fiberglass and cellulose tend to deteriorate, sag or settle. It would be in your best interest to maintain the insulation system to avoid a pre-deterioration.

If you’re looking for something more durable, there is always spray foam to consider. Even though spray foam insulation cost might be higher when compared with fiberglass or cellulose, the material does not deteriorate with the passing of time and keeps its properties the same as day 1. If insulation materials like cellulose and fiberglass can endure for approximately 25 years, Spray Foam has no limits as the material can stand as much as your house can.

FAQ about Insulation Removal in New York

How much does insulation removal cost?

The insulation removal cost can differ from a home to another. There are several variables, like the size of the perimeter, the condition of the existing insulation, and the type of insulation method chosen for re-installation. Here at Solve Insulation, we can start with a free assessment, to determine the best products that fit your home needs at the lowest cost.

Which is the best insulation material?

Like many insulation companies, we recommend spray foam as it is one of the best insulation materials on the market. Spray foam offers a high R-Value and does not deteriorate with the passing of time. Even though the spray foam insulation cost might be relatively higher when compared with other insulation, the initial investment will pay for itself throughout the years.

How long do insulation systems last?

As mentioned above, cellulose and fiberglass tend to sag or settle with the passing of time. If maintained and installed properly, these insulation systems will last for approximately 25 – 30 years.

On the other hand, you can consider spray foam as a more durable material. Spray foam preserves its properties and has a lifespan of 100 years.

Why Solve?

Solve Insulation company is proud to be serving the Greater New York Area and the suburban communities ever since 2008 with top-quality products and services. We are dedicated to helping you with your project, whether big or small, we are happy to be serving customers of all calibers. From Insulation Removal to replacing it will a new insulation system, our team of professionals will guide you through the consultation to the execution stage.  Contact Us for your free estimate.