Spray foam insulation tips in 2021

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most important spray foam insulation tips in 2021 to help homeowners, as well as insulation crews, make better decisions. Learn everything you need to know as a homeowner about the benefits of spray foam insulation and what are the reasons that it is called the best insulation method on the marketplace. As for insulation crews, below you will find 4 important spray foam insulation tips that you may or may not know already. Check them below…

Spray Foam Insulation Tips for Homeowners

Opt for Professional Insulation Crews

One of the best spray foam insulation tips for homeowners is to opt for an experienced insulation crew. The difference between a professional insulation crew and a non-professional one can be seen in the results of their work. The first has enough experience and knowledge to select the right materials, carefully mix them, and properly install an insulation system. The second can make mistakes that can cause your insulation system to deteriorate, sag or settle.


Take Advantage of Continous Insulation

A qualified insulation crew will probably suggest leveraging continuous insulation without you telling them. It is a monolithic insulation structure that can eliminate thermal bridging through materials that are not treated with an overlapping insulation layer. Simplified and with the technical jargon aside, continuous insulation is the process that entails covering all of your home walls with insulation to increase R-Value and create an airtight barrier.

Remove the Surrounding Objects

While insulation crews will do all they can to protect your furniture, doors, and windows, their real job is to insulate. Therefore, it is up to you to take measures and make sure foam will not touch any of the furniture. You can cover windows and doors with plastic, remove any object near the perimeter that will be insulated. You can also cover all the outlet boxes and switch with masking tape.

Avoid a DIY Disaster

DIY spray foam insulation is not an easy task to play with. It requires the proper gear, skills, and technical know-how that are earned with the passing of years. Lack of experience and information can lead to incidents or cause damages to your building. And the results can be quite unsatisfactory. To avoid a disaster, keep in mind that DIY spray foam insulation is a no-go. More than just a spray foam insulation tip, take it as a piece of advice by industry professionals.

Spray Foam Insulation Tips for Insulation Crews

Wear the Proper Gear

The first and one of the most important spray foam insulation tips for insulation crews is to be equipped with the proper gear. As defined by the New York Building Code, an insulator must be wearing the required protective gear (long-sleeve coveralls, chemical resistant gloves, safety goggles, and supplied-air respirators).

Ensure the Surface is Dry

Needless to say, a professional insulation contractor would never make such a mistake. Applying polyurethane foam on a wet surface would cause the material to not stick. Spray foam insulation tip #2 – Never spray foam on surfaces with a moisture level of more than 20%.

Seal Big Gaps and Cavities

Prior to starting to insulate, check for gaps and cracks in the walls that can not be sealed by spray foam. After finding them, cover them with mortar. This way, you are strengthening the perimeter and making it ready for insulation. Thank us later!

Picture-Frame First

A good spray foam insulation crew knows that the spray foam insulation process is done in layers also called lifts. Spray with ½ inch. layer first and wait for the foam to expand and stick. Repeat again with a second ½ inch layer and start after a few minutes with a higher inch of thickness.

How to Tell if your Building Needs Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation serves as a great air barrier. It keeps the cold air out in the winter and the warm air in, and vice versa in summer. Eventually, HVAC systems do not have to reheat the air as it remains inside your home walls. However, non-professional insulation crews tend to make small but significant mistakes during the installation process. Mistakes that cause your insulation system to not act properly. If you spot one of these signs in your building, it is time to think of a new insulation system:

  • Higher Than Usual Utility and Energy Bills
  • Drafts and Sporadic Temperature Fluctuations
  • Mold Growing on your Home Walls
  • Pest and Animal Infestations

Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation?

When compared with other insulation materials like cellulose, or fiberglass, spray foam insulation material tends to deliver a higher R-Value per inch of thickness. It is important as R-Value is a direct indicator that shows the efficiency insulation systems have. The higher the R-Value, the stronger and more airtight the barrier is and the lower energy bills will be. In terms of durability, spray foam does not sag or settle, as cellulose and fiberglass do within the first 15 to 20 years. Moreover, spray foam insulation needs little to no maintenance at all. If properly installed, it can last for as long as your building can.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Retains Its Properties

For as long as spray foam insulation is handled by pros, it will last for ages. Its properties as well. The material does not deteriorate, sag, or settle and it is able to retain its R-Value.

Serves as a Sound Barrier

Make your living space more comfortable by reducing noise. Spray foam insulation has sound absorption properties. It can prevent a sound barrier able to significantly reduce noise inside the house and noise coming from the outside.

Get Rid of Pests, Rodents, & Mold

As it happens with many insulation materials, spray foam also is treated with special components to keep the tiny intruders out of your house perimeter. Spray foam insulation prevents mold from growing on your home walls as well.

Incomparable R-Value

As mentioned, the higher the R-Value the better the results of an insulation system are. To better understand the supremacy of spray foam insulation, take a look at this article.

Increase your Property Value

An energy-saving gadget such as spray foam insulation can increase the value of your property by 3% up to 6%. Various studies indicate that energy-efficiency upgrades are preferred by potential home buyers more than other home upgrades.

40% Decrease in Utility Bills

Save money on monthly utility bills by using spray foam insulation in your building. Since heating and air conditioning cause a shock on the utility bills, sealing every gap and crack on your home walls can reduce the energy bills by up to 40%.

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