What is the Best Type of Roofing Insulation?

The most popular type of roofing insulation right now is spray foam insulation in New York.  This lightweight, quick-to-install, and highly energy-efficient insulation is one of Solve Insulation’s most sought-after products this winter. Roofing spray foam is flexible and can be installed in many different types of properties, both residential and commercial. Here are some of the top benefits of spray foam insulation that our team has noticed.

Benefits of Roofing Spray Foam

Easy to Install

Spray foam is applied as a liquid that expands on contact, growing up to 30x in depth and density! This makes installation quick and easy since there are no batts to cut and minimal labour.


The usual choice for attic insulation in New York is batt-style or blown-in insulation — but these systems have one major downfall: seams. Seams are insulation’s weak point, where air, moisture, or pests can enter. Roofing spray foam creates air-tight, seamless coverage.

High R-Value

When choosing insulation, you want it to resist heat transfer as much as possible. High density in spray foam gives it greater R-values and can reduce energy loss by up to 50%.


Traditional insulation generally lasts 20-30 years, but spray foam in the attic should last 50 years or longer with minimal care.

Energy efficient

Preventing heat loss saves you money and makes your home more energy-efficient, which has positive environmental benefits. As our environment changes due to climate change, reducing our energy consumption is quickly becoming an economic advantage that you don’t want to miss.

Work with Solve Insulation!

At Solve Insulation, we work with a tried-and-tested spray foam insulation product that’s been on the market for more than 40 decades. It’s a highly innovative solution for modern issues like heat loss, air leaks, and indoor moisture.

We love spray foam insulation because we’ve seen first-hand how it can transform people’s homes. Living environments that are damp, drafty, and struggling to balance the thermostat are often transformed by spray foam installation into cozy, warm environments.

Our clients also experience a transformation in their monthly heating and cooling bills. Your attic is your home’s first line of defence against the weather and one of the most significant areas where your home loses energy. Leaks like this cost money in the short and long term and place unneeded stress on your HVAC system. Spray foam’s continuous seal eliminates small leaks and keeps the heat where it belongs — indoors.

One Small Improvement, Many Lasting Benefits!

Solve is a professional spray foam insulation company that services many cities and towns across Southern New York. As specialists in roofing spray foam, our teams are knowledgeable, experienced, and provide top-notch services. To ask us about spray foam insulation in New York and how it can help your home this winter, reach out to our customer service team to learn more about this excellent product can improve your home.