Why Blown-In Insulation is Great for Attic Insulation

The attic plays an important role in regulating and balancing indoor temperatures as well as protecting indoor air quality. Due to its key functionality, the attic and its contents must be preserved and taken care of. The most critical material within the attic is insulation. Attic insulation contributes significantly to the performance of the attic and the health of the entire property. Which is why many builders recommend choosing a high-quality, waterproof option like spray foam insulation.

Solve Insulation provides property owners throughout the Greater New York Area with high-quality spray foam insulation options. One advantage of installing spray foam attic insulation in New York is its waterproof qualities. Read on to learn more about why you should keep water out of your attic.

What Causes Water to Get into the Attic?

There are few simple reasons water will find its way into the attic. The most obvious reason is roof leaks that leave openings for rain, gutter water, ice, and snow to enter from the surface of the roof into the attic cavity. Other causes for water infiltration include ice dams, ventilation issues, and condensation.

How Water Affects Your Attic & Insulation

In small amounts water may not seem like an urgent problem, but as more water accumulates around your building structure and attic insulation in New York, the more severe the situation becomes. As water settles around organic materials such as wood and some traditional insulation materials, it attracts mold spores which feed off these fibres and rot them. As attic insulation becomes increasingly infested it becomes less effective, sending climate control into a less predictable state. Also, the decay of building materials courtesy of mold will also compromise the structural integrity of wooden beams and other organic structures.

When your attic insulation in New York is ineffective due to water saturation and mold outbreaks, your heating and cooling systems within your home must work harder to maintain a habitable and comfortable climate indoors. When your AC unit and HVAC systems work harder and for longer periods of time, your energy and utility bills will naturally increase too, costing you hundreds of dollars monthly.

How to Keep Water Out of Your Attic with Spray Foam Insulation

Because the attic and roof are so far removed from day to day routines, it can be hard to keep an eye on them. If you notice ice damming around your roof or a fluctuation in temperatures, it might be a good time to consider upgrading your attic insulation. The most effective way to prevent water from damaging your insulation and attic to begin with, is to install high-quality waterproof spray foam insulation. The premium insulation prevents water intrusion, sealing holes and openings from the outdoors to the attic. The thick spray foam barrier is dense and robust, preventing water from travelling through its pores. And because its made out of a synthetic polyurethane material that mold cannot feed on, you can also minimize the opportunity for mold infestations.

Choose the Best Spray Foam Insulation

Signs of changes in a home’s energy efficiency can present in a number of ways, slowly but all at once. When homeowners begin to notice drafts or sudden spikes in utility bills, the best place to start is with your attic insulation. The attic is a key player in a property’s indoor climate regulation, and when the insulation stops performing, its effects can be felt throughout the property. Blown-in insulation is a highly effective insulation upgrade available to homeowners and property owners throughout the New York.

Solve Insulators is a leading insulation company specializing in various insulation products and options, from spray foam insulation to high-quality blown-in insulation. For more insight and guidance with your attic insulation, contact our team directly.

Read on to learn why it’s a top choice for insulation contractors and property owners alike when it comes to the attic. 

Improved Energy Efficiency

The primary purpose of any attic insulation is to maintain good energy efficiency. This will save homeowners on utility costs and reduce their ecological footprint. High-quality and effective blown-in insulation in the attic will prevent heat from escaping the winter and retain cool air in the summer, reducing the dependency on your heating and cooling systems for comfortable indoor temperatures, which can translate to significant energy and maintenance savings over time.

Easy Blown-In Installation

One significant benefit of loose-fill insulation is that it can be easily installed by being blown into the attic cavity using specially designed machines. When the installation is executed by trained insulation contractors like the team at EcoSar Insulation, the process can be completed in less than a day, minimizing the disruption to your daily routine and helping you capture the benefits of improved energy efficiency sooner rather than later.

Improved Indoor Comfort

A well-insulated attic helps regulate indoor temperatures, so as you travel from room to room, you’ll experience a more consistent climate, ensuring better indoor comfort. Regardless of the season or the weather outside, when you set your thermostat, you can be confident that your home will be able to maintain that temperature throughout the property without overworking your air conditioning unit or furnace. By working with the Solve Insulation team, you can determine just how much insulation you need to maximize indoor comfort for the size and layout of your home.

Prevent Mold Infestations

Attics are especially prone to mold and pest infestations because of the abundance of wood and vulnerability to water leaks. When mold infested attic insulation, it can render the material ineffective, leaving occupants of the property exposed to mold in the air. Blown-in cellulose insulation is treated with borate, which helps combat the onset of mold for safer and cleaner indoor air, while also prolonging the lifespan of your attic insulation.

Increased Resale Value

Finally, blown-in insulation can increase the resale value of your home. When potential buyers see that your home is insulated with high-quality insulation, they’ll be more likely to view it as a well-maintained property. This can help you sell your home faster and at a higher price point.

Upgrading to Blown-In Insulation with Solve

The right attic insulation can significantly enhance the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. When upgrading, trust the insulation leaders in the Greater New York Area and surrounding communities at Solve Insulation. Our team has years of experience, expert training, and access to the best attic insulation materials to give you high-quality results that last.