Why Insulate Your Attic With Spray Foam?

Traditional Ways to Insulate VS Modern Methods

Insulation is a critical component for any residential home and improperly installed or non-functioning insulation can create many problems for homeowners. Mainstream construction usually defaults to the easily recognizable pink fibrous material for behind the wall insulation. While cheap and easy to install, fiberglass insulation can eventually wear down and lose its functionality allowing heated and cooled air to easily escape while restricting proper airflow at the same time. Builders and contractors will recommend insulating your attic with spray foam insulation for the best possible way to manage airflow and air retention in areas of the home.

Spray foam insulation is the best solution for homes

Unfinished and low traffic areas such as basements, cold cellars and attics are prone to variations in airflow and humidity and if not properly insulated, could cause a wide array of structural and air quality problems within other areas of the property. Spray foam offers complete coverage of areas and fills in even minute cracks and crevices that can allow air to escape and moisture to enter. Properly insulate your attic with spray foam for a maintenance free and semi-permanent barrier between the outside elements such as pollutants and moisture that will also retain heated and cooled air.

Insulate your attic with spray foam to save money

One of the primary functions of home insulation is to keep heated and cooled air within the residence and prevent escaping air. Improper airflow and hidden air leaks make HVAC equipment like furnaces and air conditioners work much harder to keep the climate at the desired temperature. These factors increase costs for homeowners through additional energy consumption and higher wear and tear on moving parts within the HVAC system. Unfinished areas like attics are flashpoints for inefficiency in airflow and spray foam delivers complete coverage to seal leaks and manage and reduce energy consumption and repair costs in attic insulation.

The health benefits of a permanent attic seal

Cracks and hidden entrances will allow moisture to enter areas of the home and increased humidity with improper or little airflow for evaporation could result in toxic mold development which will greatly affect the quality of life within the residence. Biological mold can develop and fester quickly in high moisture and low airflow areas and the fungus releases airborne contaminants like spores and bacteria which greatly reduces the quality of the indoor air. Spray foam insulation provides the best possible seal against moisture and outdoor pollutants. Insulate your attic with spray foam to prevent negative health effects like respiratory issues, allergy type symptoms, drowsiness and lack of energy caused by the presence of mold and other pollutants.

Solve has the expertise and tools to properly insulate your attic with spray foam

Spray foam insulation requires expertise and technical know-how to deliver a complete and thorough installation. Spray foam is applied under high pressure and requires specific safety and equipment knowledge that the professionals at Solve have. Solve will take the time to fully understand the installation job and areas needing coverage and will make sure the spray foam application is delivered throughout and to your satisfaction. Contact Solve for a quote on upgrading to the cutting edge of home insulation and climate control.