Choose the Right Home Insulation in New York

When it comes to home insulation in New York, it’s important for homeowners to understand the basics, so that good decisions can be made. Home insulation is completely different than other improvement projects, most of which focus on cosmetic improvements (kitchen and bathroom).

Insulating the home actually provides a measurable return-on-investment. For those considering home insulation in New York, choosing the right product for the job is integral. The product and installation must meet the needs of the home and address both short term and long term needs.

Homeowners who are better informed make better decisions, and tend to have a better work relationship with their contractor. With Solve Insulation, product options and installations are recommended based on customer need – and not what’s most popular from one year to the next.

Providing home insulation in New York, Solve offers various product options, fully warrantied, and with an assurance of customer satisfaction on every project. The result: home comfort from season to season; much improved energy efficiency; and dollar savings on utilities for years.

For home insulation in New York – count on Solve Insulation

With Solve, homeowners are assured of experienced, highly trained installers, specialized in their field. Solve is always up-to-date with the latest advances in products and technology, and makes every effort to offer homeowners the very best installation, based on need and priority.

Spray Foam Insulation

In recent years, spray foam insulation has become a “product-of-choice” throughout the entire home – for attics and basements, even garages and exterior walls. Spray foam is a very unique product that provides the best air sealing and thermal insulation out of all product options. It’s also a very specialized application and requires a high level of expertise. When installed, spray foam creates a thick envelope that performs as an air barrier and vapor barrier simultaneously. The finished space provides very high R-Values, and overall energy efficiency that is hard to beat.

Blown In Insulation

Another option for home insulation in New York is blown-in insulation – a very popular and very cost-effective installation that’s ideal for the attics and roof cavity. Available in either cellulose or fiberglass, this insulation provides satisfactory R-Value throughout and exceptional dollar value. Blown-in insulation is fire resistant and not attractive to rodents or insects. It’s an insulation that can be used to “top up” existing insulation and effectively upgrade the thermal protection. With a professional installation, and the proper air sealing, blown-in insulation provides a long lifespan.

Injection Insulation

For homes that are old, and poorly insulated, Solve often recommends injection insulation for exterior walls. With this approach, exterior wall cavities are very effectively insulated, providing a dramatic improvement to both home comfort and energy efficiency. Injection insulation blocks air movement efficiently and heat loss is essentially eliminated. Summer and winter, the home’s energy efficiency is ensured, making the HVAC system (heating and cooling) perform better. With heating and cooling cycles in better balance, utility bills are reduced measurably year after year.