Contaminated Insulation Removal For Your Home

By any description, contaminated insulation removal is fraught with risk. Materials like asbestos were used for many decades as an insulation material in residential homes and commercial buildings. However, asbestos is only one of the toxic materials that could be contaminating your insulation. Homeowners often replace insulation for a variety of reasons. Insulation may be old and decaying, to upgrade or better insulate their home or to repair damage caused by mold growth and animal infestation.

Contaminated Insulation Removal is not a DIY Project

While materials have become much safer due to increased regulation, many forms of traditional insulation materials which pose health risks are still present in older structures. Today, any effort at contaminated insulation removal must be managed with care, and under the supervision of an experienced contractor. Almost universally, professionals recommend the complete removal of asbestos products, mold-infested insulation, or broken or damaged insulation – regardless of scope.
What’s most important with contaminated insulation removal is to contract a specialist. This is not the right time for a DIY project, even for the home improvement enthusiast. Specialists are trained to handle contaminated insulation with the right equipment and the appropriate safety gear. The affected area will be cleaned properly, and quite importantly, the remains will be disposed of safely. With contaminated insulation removal, there are no shortcuts. The contaminated area must be sealed to protect occupants, and provincial regulations must be strictly followed to minimize any hazards.

Insulation removal and re-installation from Solve Insulation

Removing home insulation during a home renovation is timely. Doing a complete removal is often the best option because it allows for a clean start and an opportunity to upgrade. Whatever the approach, contaminated insulation removal is best handled by professionals like Solve Insulation. This will ensure that all the work is done thoroughly, with the right tools and equipment, and safely.
In the event that asbestos insulation is uncovered, there will be no other option but to contract an asbestos removal specialist – a contractor who specifically focuses on working with asbestos. In these situations, there are defined protocols for removal, disposal, and safety procedures. Any attempt to handle asbestos insulation without the right expertise is far too risky to health. On the other hand, in situations where insulation begins to decay or is damaged by mold or animals, the team at Solve is trained and certified to remove your insulation.

Old insulation, decaying insulation, or contaminated insulation removal

At Solve Insulation, highly trained crews remove home insulation professionally. Specialized equipment is used. Waste is safely disposed. And the space is ready for re-installation of new insulation. Renovation or not, insulation removal is worth doing right – it ensures the best outcomes for sealing the space tight and for installing new insulation products for long-term performance.
With Solve Insulation, property owners are assured of the most comprehensive removal and re-installation of home insulation. From air barriers to vapor barriers to ventilation, every effort is made to optimize thermal insulation and energy efficiency. The result is an enhanced level of performance throughout, along with 100% customer satisfaction on all the work.