Guide to Two Types of Commercial Fireproofing

Commercial buildings and even multi-story residential buildings are designed to accommodate a large number of people in a restricted space. Whether installed in offices, warehouse facilities, or living spaces, it’s essential that evacuation can happen safely and efficiently in the event of an emergency, Fires are the most common cause for commercial and residential building evacuation. High-quality fireproofing in New York is designed to prevent or slow the spread of fires and reduce ignition of building materials to allow for enough time for evacuation. Good intumescent or cementitious  fireproofing will also minimize property damage. By investing in fireproofing, commercial building owners can protect their assets and ensure that their business can continue to operate even in the event of a fire. Solve Insulation provides commercial contractors and property owners with some of the best fireproofing in New York.

Read on to learn more about the two fireproofing options available for commercial properties.

Intumescent Coatings for Fireproofing

Intumescent coatings are a type of fireproofing in New York that offers a passive approach to fire protection. Intumescent fireproofing can be applied to a variety of materials including steel and concrete. When exposed to heat, intumescent fireproofing is engineered to expand, forming a thick layer that blocks heat from reaching the integral building materials beneath it. This special fireproof coating insulates building materials, slowing or entirely preventing fire from expanding. It also protects key structural elements to prevent total collapse, allowing more time for first responders to respond and react.

Cementitious Fireproofing for Commercial Buildings

Like intumescent coatings, cementitious fireproofing is also a passive approach to building protection. Made with cement and lightweight aggregates, cementitious fireproofing is mixed with water and applied to essential building materials to protect them from fire. Often used in industrial properties like warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other factories where there is an increased fire risk. There are many benefits to cementitious fireproofing similar to intumescent coatings. Ultimately, cementitious fireproofing is meant to significantly reduce heat transfer. Its durable formula offers a high-degree of fire resistance, withstanding the spread of flames and reducing the opportunity for ignition.

Cementitious fireproofing in New York is often used in environments where intumescent coatings would not be as effective or practical, like corrosive or humid environments.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Fireproofing

When choosing the right type of fireproofing for your commercial building, there are several factors to consider, including the type of building materials that needs protection, the level of fire protection required, and the budget for the project. For insight into your fireproofing costs and services needs, contact the trusted technicians at Solve Insulation. Our teams have years of experience and understanding on both residential and commercial building needs to provide you with the best options available.

Benefits of Installing High-Quality Commercial Fireproofing

Commercial fireproofing has several benefits, primarily its installation can help save lives by increasing the amount of time required for fires to spread. It can also help protect a building from the other effects of a fire, reducing damage and its associated costs. Come time to sell your property, durable fireproofing in New York will also make your property more attractive to buyers or even tenants.

To learn more about the fireproofing options available at Solve Insulation, reach out to our knowledgeable specialists.