How to Avoid Over-Insulating Your Attic

Attic insulation in New York is the key to conserving balanced climate control and good air quality throughout your home. When your attic insulation is at its prime, it will keep your place at a comfortable temperature all year long, improve airflow, and help keep your energy costs down. However, attic insulation can be pretty finicky. Too little insulation will prevent it from being effective, but too much insulation can result in a host of new issues. Getting just the right amount of blown in insulation is difficult without professional support. Contact the team at Solve Insulation to get the optimal results when installing your blown in insulation.

The Problem with Over-Insulating

It can be tempting to think the more, the merrier when it comes to insulation, but, as previously mentioned, proper attic insulation in New York is very particular. One of the main concerns is that an excess of insulation will negatively affect your home’s airflow. This can affect everything from your energy efficiency to the health of your home’s residents. In the summer, too much insulation might be responsible for the lack of excellent airflow, leading to higher energy costs to keep your home cool. Also, without proper airflow, excess moisture cannot correctly escape your home – as most homeowners know, excess moisture creates the perfect conditions for mold and mildew. With all this in mind, you can imagine that the most significant impact of over-insulating would be on your wallet. Over-insulating your attic can be a reasonably expensive mistake, from the increase in your energy bill due to lack of climate control to the costs associated with removing mold and mildew.

How to Avoid Over-Insulating

If you’re thinking of adding more insulation to your attic to avoid inefficiencies, there are various factors to keep in mind to make sure you’re not over-insulating your attic. Check for any old or degraded insulation, as it could be the source of your issues. Removing it before installing new insulation prevents any over-stuffing of the insulation.

But above all else, the best way to have your attic insulation done right is to get experienced professionals involved. The team at Solve Insulation can expertly assess the quantity needed for your space without over or under-insulating. By having experts install your attic insulation, you can forget the hassle of a major DIY project and avoid the extra expenses of having to redo or fix an improperly done installation.

The Benefits of Blown In Insulation from Solve Insulation

With proper installation, blown in insulation can be the long-lasting solution to insulating your home efficiently. If you’re unfamiliar with blown in insulation, it can be a great alternative to traditional insulation, particularly if you’re worried about over or under-insulating your attic. blown in insulation is an energy-efficient solution that lasts for many years, making it the preferable solution for those hoping to cut long-term costs. If this sounds like the best option for your home, Solve Insulation can expertly install your blown-in attic insulation in New York and the general New York.