How to Save on AC Costs with Blown-In Insulation for Your Attic

By mid-July, summer in Southern New York is in full swing and air conditioning is on full blast. And while the much needed relief from the heat at work or at home is essential, it can be a shock when utility bills are received and the total owing has skyrocketed compared to the Spring or even the past year. When your air conditioning is costing you but feels imperative to your indoor comfort, you should look at your attic insulation. Upgrading old or ineffective insulation to spray foam or blown-in insulation can revolutionize your indoor experience and cooling efficiency, while significantly reducing your monthly heating bills.

With high-quality products and years of experience on the Solve Insulation team, you can count on us to point you in the right direction for your property. With summer set to stretch on for weeks, read on to learn how the switch to blown-in insulation can save you on your AC costs fast.

The Role of Attic Insulation in the Summer

When the summer sun beats down on your roof day after day during the warmer months, heat enters the roof cavity and attic. If attic insulation is sufficient and the roof is in good condition, the insulation will prevent the transfer of heat beyond the attic and ventilation will allow the hot air to escape instead of infiltrating the rest of the property. However, when insulation has become damaged from age, leaks, mold, pests, or a number of other reasons, the thermal resistance of the material reduces significantly causing the hot air to pass through the walls and floors into other areas of the property.

Air Conditioning Utility Costs

As the heating continues on from the roof transferring further indoors into offices, living spaces, and bedrooms, maintaining ideal indoor temperatures becomes more challenging, causing more people to turn their thermostat to a lower temperature, in turn resulting in longer working hours for the AC system. The longer your air conditioner has to work to upkeep set temperatures the more it ends up costing you on your bill. By investing in high-quality blown-in insulation with a trusted insulation installation company like Solve Insulation, you can reduce the amount of time your AC needs, saving you in the long-run.

AC Maintenance in the Summer

A secondary result of inefficient attic insulation in New York and Southern New York is unexpected maintenance costs. The more an air conditioning system runs without breaks to cool your indoor space, the more strain is put on the mechanisms which can cause AC units to fail. The unexpected downtime typically makes for unbearable conditions, increasing the intensity of heat and humidity indoors, as a result property owners rush to get costly emergency air conditioning repairs. By upgrading to blown-in insulation and increasing your energy efficiency, you can mitigate damage to your AC system and save. At Solve Insulation, we offer multiple options from blown-in to spray foam insulation designed to make living easier while decreasing your expenses.

Save this Summer with Solve Insulation

If your climate control has been challenging and costly, it’s the time to look at your attic insulation with a professional expert. Upgrading your insulation with Solve Insulation can make all the difference this summer and get you prepared for the winter with improved year-round energy efficiency.