The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation, considered a high-performance insulation product, is an excellent option in new construction or when retrofitting an existing home. Clearly, there is no lack of insulation products on the market, and no shortage of performance claims. But today, many more insulation contractors are suggesting the spray foam product as one of the better options.

In short, spray foam insulation offers a host of product benefits and performance satisfaction for the long-term. Indeed, when compared with other products, nothing equals the performance of a spray foam application. As such, it has quickly become a “product-of-choice” for many installers. Spray foam is now being used for attic insulation, basement insulation, and even exterior walls.

Professionally applied, spray foam does more in a single application than anything comparable. It is truly a multi-purpose installation – it seals a space airtight; it provides higher-than-average R-Values; and it adds structural strength to the installation space. For the homeowner focused on home energy efficiency, spray foam is best in terms of delivering performance.

Spray foam insulation actually does much more than just insulate. When installed properly, spray foam acts as an air barrier and vapor barrier simultaneously, thus preventing air leakage and moisture accumulation. As a consequence, the HVAC system (heating + cooling + ventilation) will operate in better balance and with improved performance, winter and summer.

Once a spray foam install has been completed, the impact on home energy efficiency is noticeable almost immediately. Most significant is reduced utility costs, which includes both winter heating and summer cooling. Over the long run, the substantial utility savings, year over year, will “pay off” the original project cost of the spray foam product and the installation.

What’s most important with spray foam insulation is a professional installation. Spray foam, by any definition, is not recommended as a DIY project. The foam compound needs expert handling and the application process needs experience and expertise. This is where a trained installer is critical in ensuring an “insulation blanket” that performs to the maximum.

At Solve Insulation, installers specialize in spray foam insulation, installing top quality product, and ensuring the highest standard of application. The focus is on delivering customer satisfaction and ensuring the best return-on-investment on every project. Where troubleshooting is required, the team at Solve provides very comprehensive post-install services.

Solve installations satisfy the standards of the National Building Code, as well as manufacturer product specifications. Importantly, homeowners should realize that spray foam insulation does not suit every budget. At the same time, Solve can offer professional advice on combination installations and even product alternatives that may satisfy the needs.

In New York, Solve Insulation is one of the largest full-service contractors. The company is locally owned and operated, providing home energy solutions for both residential and commercial customers. Solve stands behind every installation, without fail. The company is committed to 100% satisfaction, with installation crews who are efficient, reliable, and trusted.