Insulate Your House – Keep It Cool For Summer!

Solve (Home Energy Loan Program) is a financial assistance program from the City of New York to assist homeowners with improving home energy efficiency and ultimately saving money. For some homeowners, this could involve replacing an old furnace or upgrading the home insulation. Both of these retrofits will improve energy efficiency, reduce seasonal energy bills, and lessen the harmful emissions associated with energy usage.

Solve has been designed for city residents who find the upfront cost of energy retrofits to be unaffordable. As such, the loan program offers a solution – low-interest loans so that homeowners can make the necessary improvements to enhance home energy efficiency. Homeowners must qualify for the program, and reimbursement to the City of New York is comfortably amortized into regular payments right on the Property Tax Bill.

Benefits of the Home Energy Loan Program

  • Loans offset the upfront cost of making specific home energy improvements
  • The financing program is directly tied to the tax bill – and not the homeowner
  • Loan amounts can be paid off in total at any time, without incurring a penalty
  • Solve has low-interest rates and long payback periods (better than traditional)

How the actual financing program operates

The Home Energy Loan Program is simply a better alternative than traditional bank financing. A homeowner applies to the City of New York and enters into an agreement to make certain home energy improvements. The City of New York imposes a levy (equal to the cost of improvements) on the property in question. In addition to the levy, there are interest and administrative charges.
The repayment plan to the City of New York has a 15-year payback period and will appear as a special entry on the regular Property Tax Bill. What’s important is that the repayment program is tied to the property itself and NOT to the property owner. If a property changes ownership, the new owner will assume responsibility for the loan and continue with the payback program.

As for options on energy retrofitting, the best returns-on-investment would come from such improvements as air sealing home and attic insulation. These kinds of improvements will provide an amount of annual utility savings throughout the year that can offset the payback installments. Everything from weather stripping to insulation will have a measurable effect on savings.

Retrofitting with Solve Insulation

Solve Insulation will recommend the best retrofit options for the job, using the highest quality products, along with superior installation work. Home energy retrofits are recommended to suit the needs of the homeowner, to deliver long-lasting performance, and to provide the very best return-on-investment. With Solve, manufacturer’s product warranties assure homeowners of complete satisfaction, both short-term and long-term. We provide multiple products, including blown-in and spray foam insulation.
Blown-In & Spray Foam Insulation New York

Solve Insulation strives for total customer satisfaction, with post-installation service and a firm commitment to resolving issues and concerns. Every installation meets the standards of the National Building Code, and everything is installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.